Give up smoking…

Giving up smoking can be very difficult.

Living in Spain makes it even harder: sitting outside with a drink and a cigarette in the sun feels so natural. But as we are all too aware, since the 2nd of January 2011, Spain has followed the rest of Europe in banning smoking in public buildings, restaurants and bars. With concerns about health and social acceptability, more and more smokers are wanting to kick the habit.


…a different way

Now there is a different way to free yourself. Following huge success in the USA and the UK, laser treatment to stop smoking is now available here on the Costa Blanca. Anni Mann, a fully-trained laser technician, is offering “laser stop smoking” at three clinics—Calpe Dental in Calpe, the International Clinic in Moraira, and the Centro Terapéutico Mezquida in Javea.

Laser therapy for stopping smoking is the way to help people stop smoking. Studies indicate that it is by far the most effective method, with an 80% success rate.

Do you want to give up the smoking habit?


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