Laser therapy to lose weight

What does the treatment consist of and how does it work?

“Freedom Weight Loss”
After helping many people successfully stop smoking with the laser, Anni is pleased to introduce her new freedom weight loss programme, again using cold laser.

The treatment is very similar to the stop smoking programme, but the laser is used on different points on the body. Because the laser will be activated in a specific sequence, your stomach will feel full or you will find that you do not feel like eating so much.

Why the name?
The reason Anni has called it “Freedom Weight Loss” is because you will have the freedom and the encouragement to help yourself whilst on this programme. It is designed to help you reach your ideal weight, whilst keeping in control: no need to worry about sticking to strict routine diets!

As part of the programme, you will find out more about a healthier life style and will be introduced to a ‘Freedom plan.’ There is also counselling available if needed. All personal information will be kept private and confidential.


The programme
The laser will help you achieve a steady weight loss over a four-week course and if you do not reach your ideal weight in that time, the treatment can be continued fortnightly until you are happy with your weight.

The treatment
You will be seated and the laser will be applied to specific points. It takes about 20 minutes, sometimes less. It is very quick, safe and easy.

Once you start to lose weight, you will also start to notice a change of body shape—due to a reduced Body Mass Index (BMI).

So why not try a different approach to weight loss?

How much does it cost?
Anni's fees are very reasonable. Please contact her for details.


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