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About the group

Footlights’ strength is its membership, not in numbers, for we are still short of 40, but in its versatility and determination to produce shows of a high standard—and enjoy life to the full.

In recent years we have seen an influx of very enthusiastic young people. This has greatly enriched the composition of our membership, with talented young performers mixing in with experienced stagers. And we have now set up our own Youth Theatre Group.

We are always on the look-out for new talent, be it on or off stage, and it is a chance to make new friends and enjoy the social life that goes with being in a group with common interests. Contact us!


Anyone wishing to audition for one of our shows must be a paid-up member of Footlights. In other words, they must have paid their subscription before auditioning.

The audition panel is normally made up of the Director, the Musical Director, and a committee member.


Rehearsals for the whole cast are on Thursday evenings, at the Footlights Centre in Calpe (see map below), from 7:30 onwards. Principals may also be called for rehearsals on Monday evenings.

The 2014-15 Committee

Sue BurgessChair
Trevor HarderSecretary
Debra MillerTreasurer
Annette Hodge
Barbara Lloyd
Jackie Stafford
Ian Underwood
Giovanna Wallis
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