Football betting tipsters

We offer you tips which will help you make money and have fun— betting on football matches.

There are a lot of football betting tipsters, and a whole lot of Web sites offering betting tips. So…

…what's different about us—and our tips?

Our competitors make unrealistic claims (“make loadsa money overnight!”) which you can see through at a glance.

What we promise is that our tips will work for you. Week by week, again and again—if not every time. Using tested and proven strategies, we stack the betting odds in your favour.

We also promise you will have a lot of fun.

“The most trustworthy football betting tipsters on the scene”

Live a little—risk what you can

All betting, including betting on football matches, involves risk.

What makes Football Prophets trustworthy is that we don't pretend otherwise. We ask you not to base your budget on returns from football betting.

In any given week, bet on football matches only what you can afford to lose. And then enjoy the journey!

Want to know what we know?

Other Web sites offer you tips on every sport under the sun. We focus on football betting tips, because that's what we know about.

We are based in the British Isles, close to the action.

If you make money from our tips, you may wish to donate a fraction of your winnings. But that's up to you!

Push your luck

They tell you not to, but you can easily grow your punting pot, if you take a chance on us.

We use mathematical methods, we look closely at current football form—but most of all, we seek out the ‘Black Swan events’ whish reap real dividends.

Try a few of our free tips.

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